Tuesday, April 15, 2014


a few months ago, I helped style a wedding shoot for dust studios. it was a super fun day and working with elena is always great. I love that our friendship that started 7 years ago is kept alive by our love for Jesus and our creative collaboration.

all images are the property of Dust Studios and may not be used without permission.

flowers: plaza florist
paper goods: beautifully bevilled
location: rollins mansion
dress: rebecca schoneveld
hair: sara mcconkey

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I just saw my bicycle for the first time since september. it's a beach cruiser from the seventies. it's slightly rusty. it's very heavy. and vintage blue. part of me wants to sell it and get a lighter 1-speed. but the other part is cheap. and resourceful. I can't make it lighter. but I can make it prettier.

thanks for the picture, danielle cook!

I'm pretty excited. to do this project. to cruise down the hill with the paper kites woodlands ep playing.

I'll replace the dried out seat with a pretty cognac one, sand down the rust on the chrome, replace the chain, replace the handle bar grips, repaint the chrome and spray paint the frame.

I need some input on the frame color. I'm leaning towards 2, 3, 4 or 5. but vote for the ones you like best. I need help making this little lady look her best. remember, the color will be next to cognac leather details, black tires with white walls, and chrome wheels/handle bars.

Monday, March 3, 2014

west coast best coast.

I've been away! but I'm back!

california was really great. great time with family, vitamin-d, whale watching, resting. it made me want to travel more often. and it strangely made me appreciate des moines so much. california is beautiful as always and winter feels like summer. and the ocean is the best. but I think I've always had this idea in my head that california is filled with art directors, makers, and all around creative thinkers. I mean they have them. but bri emerys, emily hendersons and joy chos hanging out all the time isn't every group or even every city. it's just them. and they happen to live in california and have community. and I have my community. the people I spend my free time with are photographers, designers, event planners, writers, thinkers, artists and readers. these people don't just inspire me creatively, they are the people I go to church with and walk in Christ with. I love that.

I want to travel more. and I'm seeking out more opportunities to do that. I'm not saying I never want to live in california or anywhere else. I'm just thankful for what I have. because what I have is pretty great.

Monday, February 10, 2014

a little something

I got this vase from Hobby Lobby a year or so ago. It's my favorite one to use since it's pretty short but not narrow. and I like that it's tapered towards the top. but it's a cheap vase and despite it's shape, it's nothing special. 4 minutes of a simple diy (plus like 20 minutes drying time) gave it just enough of something to make it compliment any floral arrangement.

seriously, I've never done a quicker, easier DIY. and it makes a big impact.

the idea was to add to the vase but not take from the flowers so I only made the line height about a quarter of an inch or so.

this last picture really has nothing to do with the DIY post. they just looked pretty laying out, waiting to be arranged.

Monday, February 3, 2014


I pin tattoos that I 1)like the whole concept 2) like the lines or 3) like a piece or "moment" in the design. I've been wanting a tattoo since I was 14 and obsessed with the idea of a floral quarter sleeve on my right arm. for the last few years, I've changed the location but still want it. organically, beautifully drawn florals.

here are my favorite pins. some are just overall concept ideas where others are specific to shape or line style. what do you think? The position of the inside elbow or inside arm is the assumed location. though I'm not actually opposed to the quarter sleeve idea.

also, mom - please don't kill me.

source unknown

Monday, January 27, 2014

garment rack re-style.

there are some definite perks to a job in publishing. like the office getting a new wardrobe room and throwing away perfectly good garment racks. especially when 1) your closet is too small for anything but clothes, and 2) designer and project wardrobe racks are popping up everywhere.

when I brought it home, it was a pretty standard design. probably from bed, bath and beyond. for it to be a fixture in my room, I wanted it to be cohesive. I really like the look of the diy pipe racks. I went to Home Depot and got a can of matte, metallic, oil-rubbed-bronze spray paint. and a drop cloth. 

I removed the wheels and broke down the rack into its separate pieces. I sprayed everything in light, even coats. I waited 45 minutes before flipping the pieces over and coating the back side.

 while I waited for the paint to dry, I covered the wheels in paper and sprayed the wheel hardware with gold paint that I had from a previous project. for how I am using the rack, I don't need it to have wheels but it's nice to have the option for the rack or to use them for something else entirely.

once everything was dry, I put it all back together.

wooden hangers seemed like the only way to go. in my teeny closet, I have teal plastic ones but with this being out in the open, I wanted it to look more uniform. I found that target has the best price for hangers, a 24 pack for $12. At home improvement stores, the cheap ones ran about $1 per hanger. I bought 2 packs (48) and purged down my clothes to 48 pieces. I think this was the best part about this project. I can see what I have and I'm not looking through things that don't fit or just don't work. In the 3 weeks I've had this, I've worn outfits that I never thought of before. while I have less pieces, their display helps me be more creative with what I have and love.

I love what a can of spray paint can do. so much.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


so remember that time - a really long time ago - that girl said she needed to buckle down and do a post once a week. and then couldn't even do two weeks in a row? well that girl is hopefully gone. because she is the worst.

I think I'm hoping to be more prepared. A week before I wrote the post, I thought "if only I had a great project to launch with, then I'll be motivated to share it and get rolling on this thing." so that week, I did a diy. that I love. that I think the blog/pinterest community would nod to. and then I started seeing similar things showing up on major blogs' pinterest boards. and I got nervous. and felt like time was slipping for me to make a big reveal. and if I wanted people to find me from a pin, I'd want them to come to a portfolio/blog/wonderland.

but no one has time to build a portfolio/blog website in a day. so here we are. I pulled the trigger and now I'm scared. and tired. BUT.

I'm working on things. working on content. working on figuring out how to make do with where I'm at, with what I have. because honestly I'm always going to want to be more prepared. but I want to start. and I saw a picture of design*sponge in the formative years and I felt proud of my little blog.

so even if it's not hip by monday. expect a diy project that I'm pretty darn happy with. and expect me to be a bit more punctual in the future because like I said, that other girl was the worst. and I'm going to be brave.